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Removing ~ Barriers ~ Releasing ~ Potential


Our charity is based in the West Midlands, we aim to help individuals recognise and release their true potential.  Working with the disadvantaged, those suffering with low self esteem and emotional wellbeing issues.


 Our confidence coaching and training services help people to take control over their emotional wellbeing, by promoting a more positive outlook to life and therefore improve good mental & physical health & well being.  Enabling people to move into a position where they are comfortable with themselves, having greater confidence & self-belief and positively impacting their families and community.


Be inspired see beyond, break out of mind set limitations be who you can be, not who others say you should be.


This is what inspires the charity, a quote from one lovely lady after the 1st day of a 5 week programme with Walsall Housing Group. “Since 2008 I have never gone out of my house without others, this single day has changed my life, I went out shopping on my own the next day nervous but I did it, then went out with relatives that night, thank you”. She recognised the control of wrong thinking had, grasped the essence of our training and moved on with her life.


Be inspired see beyond, break out of mind set limitations

be who you can be, not who others say you should be. 

Recent comments from clients:

Comments from recent clients:

From our “Think Believe Achieve programme”

“Life changing ~ if you let it”.

“In the past I have been on confidence and motivational courses.  This is one of the best I have ever been on ~ loads of help and ideas to take away”.

From our coaching service.

CMCAuk continues its to support our charity, the latest person supported has said ...”The coaching was so beneficial my confidence has grown, without the support from this company and the my coach, I would still be going round in circles, going nowhere fast.  Simply the coach helped me to see and believe in the real me, now I am looking forward to my future with confidence, thank you”. Individual supported by CMCAuk.  

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